Otaku Movie Night and the Zambian Anime Scene

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So how do you like to spend your Sunday nights? Cringing at the thought of tomorrow’s Monday blues? Salvaging whatever you can from the last of your last happy hours? Or just lazing about?
Well, there’s a growing trend in the heart of Africa that’s bringing together an unconventional community: The African anime community.

From January, a young group of Zambians have been hosting one of the most interesting and retweetable events in the country: Otaku Movie Night.

So what happens on Otaku Movie Night? Once a week, a themed Japanese animation is chosen and anyone interested in taking part, wherever they may be, watches the movie at a synchronized time on Sunday night while talking about it on twitter with the appropriate hashtag.

The event was formed by quite a colorful bunch which includes college students, software developers, artists, entrepreneurs and popular Anime blogger and gamer - Dennis the Kidd. At the moment, participation is really extending out of the country and besides Zimbabwean and South African guests we’re beginning to see people across the oceans show interest in the night.

Just as with the rest of the world, anime is a large part of Zambian and African pop culture.

Just as with the rest of the world, anime is a large part of Zambian and African pop culture.

Though it’s still in it’s baby stages, Otaku Movie Night hopes to reach out to people all over the world.

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Android Africa Challenge 2014

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Hi Techies,

It’s that time of the year again COMPETITION time and first up we have the Android Africa Challenge bear in mind it may say Africa but 1606954_328999683891621_1839857304_nit’s a chance to show the world what you can do as its one of the biggest competitions in Africa.
( Your app can be either HTML5 or Native Android )

The deadline to submit your application is April 10th 2014. There are numerous prizes from Alcatel and other sponsors (smart-phones, tablets, etc).
The AAC website www.androidchallenge.org contains many resources and best practices to help you design a high quality app that meets global standards. Remember that this year, we are looking for the best interfaces and the apps that utilize best the Google Cloud API.

Note also that a team of Organizers throughout Africa and Android experts will be able to facilitate Android training via web sessions during the competition. And a community event is being prepared in each participating country to celebrate the winners of the first round. The names and emails of AAC Organizers (who are usually IT community leaders) will be published on AAC website soon. So submit your app early, that way the Android experts can review it before the deadline and advise you on how to improve it. Hence, a developer can resubmit his/her app any time before April 10th.

Submit your app @: http://androidchallenge.org/submit-en

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BongoHive Partners with Protea Hotel

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BongoHive proudly announces a strategic partnership with Protea Hotels Zambia.

Protea Hotels own and operates 7 hotels throughout logoTopZambia, and will open their 8th in Lusaka in April 2014. Protea Hotels Zambia demonstrates its support for technology, innovation and networking by providing BongoHive with access to conference facilities in all of their hotels.

Lukonga Lindunda, Co-Founder and Executive Director of  BongoHive stated “We believe this partnership will provide the opportunity for us to reach new audiences and expand our network. We are happy to extend our event capacity and facilitate the connection of even more young minds to people who are relevant to their progression”

Rachel Chryssostomides, Brand Manager Protea Hotels, stated “My hope is that through access to our conference facilities throughout the country, Protea Hotels Zambia can be a facilitator of BongoHive’s growth and presence throughout the country. With BongoHive’s focus on content generation and our focus on event coordination, food & beverage, and accommodation logistics, I believe we will forge a strong partnership that allows BongoHive to concentrate on their core business rather than logistics”.

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