Meet the Industry: Writers

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BongoHive invites you to hear professional Zambian writers discuss the “story behind the story”. Our speakers are Nkole Nkole, Katrina Zaravica, Dario Chongolo and Imanga Kayama. What is their inspiration? What are the challenges? How do they come up with a great story? What drives them? What are some of the opportunities in this industry?

Join us on the 4th of March at 18:00hrs for this exciting event.


Nkole NkoleNkole

Nkole is a Zambian journalist presently working with the Zambia Daily Mail. She considers writing to be her first love and feels privileged to utilise her passion to earn a living. Nkole wrote the first nationally published feature story on BongoHive. Her story inspirations are drawn from the common man in need of a voice and from the rich experiences of everyday people.

Katarina Zaravica

Katarina works in Communications, offering Editorial Consulting Services for creative projects ranging bbc1c699d8834ab8249f1d7ca4a0a96afrom content development and conceptualization to more technical aspects such as proofreading, copy-editing, writing and document designing for businesses, NGOs, Government, students, authors and the general public. Read more

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AfriMakers is now in Zambia

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Empowering makers to develop sustainable projects, and use making to solve local challenges and create an exchange of best practices between locals.


Are you interested in creative problem solving using technology? Would you like to help us spread your passion for technology in Zambia & and the rest of Africa?

The AfriMakers project will be visiting Zambia from Sunday 23rd February till Saturday 1st March to train facilitators on spreading latest technologies among 7 – 16 year olds in Zambia and ِAfrica.

The training workshops will cover Arduino & Raspberry Pi programming as well as some electronics basics.

AfriMakers has already delivered maker workshops focused on local challenges in EgyptKenyaTanzania, and Rwanda. This week, BongoHive will host workshops and events. Other countries to be visited include South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria. Read more

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Meet the Industry: Fashion

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Are you are into fashion? Would you like to find out how fashion works as a business? What is the inspiration behind every outfit for a fashion designer? Then don’t miss this month’s Meet the Industry cause it’s all about Fashion.

Join us on Tuesday the 25th as we discuss fashion with some of the pioneers of fashion who have broken through the fashion industry Zambia.

On our Panel we have:

Kutowa Designs

Kutowa Designs is Zambian a fashion label for women & men inspired by the lifestyles of people on the move. Each garment demonstrates a relaxed yet elegant approach to fashion with a particular attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Kutowa Designs was created by fashion designer and yoga instructor, Towani Clarke. The brand’s philosophy embodies a strong commitment to making a positive impact on environment and society.

KC Vaghela

KC Vaghela is a Zambian designer fashion label comprising both women swear and menswear, started by Kaajal Vaghela in 2009. Being a savvy, ambitious businesswoman, Kaajal she has never been afraid to take risks and is always willing to seek new opportunities.

The essence of the KC Vaghela brand reflects Kaajal’s natural eloquence, confidence and unique style, which she wants her clients to feel when wearing her designs.

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