From promising startup to scalable business.

Thrive is an invite-only programme.  The most promising startups in Launch will be invited to join our Thrive programme.  Thrive gives startups dedicated co-working space at BongoHive and the support they need to grow and transition from a startup to an investable and scalable business.


In addition to all of the perks offered to Launch startups, we will actively introduce Thrive startups to investors, partners, clients and fellow thought-leaders and change-makers.  This is the opportunity for startups to rapidly grow.

Participants Receive:

  • Dedicated Private Office Space
  • Top Rate Business Mentorship
  • Access to Accounting Services
  • Access to Legal Services
  • Amazing Networking Opportunities
  • Introductions to Funding, Promotion and Travel Opportunities
  • Introductions to BongoHive’s Extensive Network
  • Latest Industry Information


How we Select Participants:

  • Must have completed our Launch programme and been invited by BongoHive to participate
  • Desire and ability to continue growing in and outside of Zambia
  • Can demonstrate strong market traction
  • Are investment ready: governance, registration, finances

Application Process

By Invitation

Commencement Date

May 2016

Programme Length

6 – 24 Months

Cost per Startup

7% Equity per Startup