March 2021 Issue
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Welcome to the March 2021 issue of the BongoHive Consult brief! Get inspired by our monthly insights on how innovation is transforming businesses now and in the future.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Dufuna to conduct the BongoHive Consult Academy, a 3-month online academy for Zambian citizens who are looking to gain and improve skills in Software Engineering, Product Management and Product Design.
Get started on your next career opportunity with just a few simple steps: Apply here, Take the selection test, Pay, Learn and Get job placement support.
Cost: $600- Scholarships are available to 10 outstanding applicants
Deadline: April 8 2021

On our insights, we focus on how you can become a business leader in your industry by moving from observing business trends to actually set them.

Coupled with that is an article on how you can become a better Technical Product Manager by making better products that will delight customers.

See you next month.

Our Services
We can help you leverage technology to drive your business forward by building custom technology platforms.
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We can help you build a culture of innovation within your organisation by focusing on People, Process and Product.
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Our customised masterclasses provide teams with skills to take on new and existing business opportunities.
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Our Insights
Are you a Trendsetter or a Trend Follower?
The business market is indeed a saturated and competitive place. Every business has goals and they are keen on meeting them no matter what it takes. While some businesses are struggling to compete favourably on the market, some are on top of the competition and are meeting their targets quite well, expanding their business and introducing new products and services constantly. How do they do it? 
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How can you Become a Better Technical Product Manager?
As a Technical Product Manager, you are responsible for the overall success of a product. Your role is to manage the product at every cycle, coordinating with internal team members (marketers, developers, designers) and the client to deliver the right product to customers. To perform your role better, you need to have a technical background, be innovative, be a leader and possess strong analytical and project management skills.  
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Our Work
Improving Literacy using Digital Technologies
We worked on the Makhalidwe Athu project which was aimed at increasing student learning outcomes in early grade learning by providing reading materials and supporting reading practice through mobile phone technology, We helped the client to improve the skills of learners by creating an Interactive Voice System, a website and an SMS platform. We also created a Soundcloud page for interested members to be able to access the stories they contributed.
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Using a Tablet-Based Solution to Improve Data Collection
Our client, CSPR was unsatisfied with their paper-based data collection mechanism which was slow and prone to error. They were looking for ways to improve their data collection process and to reduce the time spent on data visualisation and aggregation.
We created a tablet-based solution that translated their paper-based forms into digital versions, reducing their data collection process from months to days.
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