November  2021 Issue
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Welcome to the November 2021 issue of the BongoHive Consult brief! Get inspired by our monthly insights on how innovation is transforming businesses now and in the future.

To build a successful business, you always have to move at the pace the business world is moving. Innovation is transforming the business landscape and customers have become savvy. Every business needs an identity, a competitive edge on which it is identified. 

Establishing this edge starts with understanding customers and being able to identify and take advantage of new opportunities. Some businesses create trends while others follow. What would you want your business to be? We have shared an article below on how you can become a business trendsetter.

We have also shared some of the recent projects we have worked on with Stanbic Bank Zambia and Climate Risk Insurance and Information in Zambia (CRIIZ).

See you next month.

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Our Insights
Are You a Trendsetter or a Trend Follower?
The business market is indeed a saturated and competitive place. Every business has goals and they are keen on meeting them no matter what it takes. While some businesses are struggling to compete favourably on the market, some are on top of the competition and are meeting their targets quite well, expanding their business and introducing new products and services constantly. How do they do it?
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How can you Become a Better Technical Product Manager?
As a Technical Product Manager, you are responsible for the overall success of a product. Your role is to manage the product at every cycle, coordinating with internal team members (marketers, developers, designers) and the client to deliver the right product to customers. To perform your role better, you need to have a technical background, be innovative and have project management skills. 
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Our Past Work
Internal Innovation Challenge For Stanbic Bank Zambia
We worked with Stanbic Bank Zambia on Project Innov8, an internal innovation challenge designed to promote the development of new ideas that address Stanbic Bank Zambia challenges in delivering customer-centric products and services. 
We facilitated Sprint Week sessions which were aimed at helping the participating staff members further enhance their ideas. Together with experts from Stanbic Bank Zambia, we provided additional technical support towards developing a prototype for the top winning idea.
Exploring Effective Climate Services in Zambia
We worked on the Agrometeorological Innovation Project (Agromet Innovation) under the Climate Risk Insurance and Information in Zambia. (CRIIZ). This was a two-part project aimed at exploring the climate services needed by farmers in Eastern and Southern Provinces.
We conducted user research and facilitated an innovation lab to validate the results of the user research and produce actionable insights that can further inform the future work of the CRIIZ programme.
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