Social Media Marketing

Have you heard the words “Social Media Marketing and Analytics” and wondered what all the fuss was about? Let’s clear it up for you!

This Masterclass is ideal for businesses/marketing owners and agencies. Our class focuses on teaching you how to:

·         Understand how social media marketing really works

·         Build a business driven by marketing

·         Know how to use social media marketing to improve SEO

·         Master the art of posting on social media platforms

·         Use analytics to check how your blog performs

·         See which content is shared more

·         The number of visits each social network sends

·         How much time they spent and how many of those people converted to subscriptions and sales.

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Who is this masterclass designed for?

This masterclass is open to anyone from any sector, size of organisation or background who want to to learn how to build an effective email marketing strategy and increase revenue and build relationships with their audience through email marketing.

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