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September 2020 Issue
We exist to solve challenges. 
Our hive of great minds bring entrepreneurial thinking into organisations to create solutions, inspire and delight - making anything possible.

Welcome to the September 2020 Issue of the BongoHive Consult brief! Get inspired by our monthly insights on how innovation is transforming businesses now and in the future.

What to look out for in this issue:

Employees are at the centre of a functioning organisation. For them to continue being productive, they need to be equipped with the relevant skills. Shaping your employees' skills plays a big role in today's competitive business world.

Learn more from our insights on how employee training and development drives business growth and how a Corporate Learning Management System can facilitate this process.

We like to celebrate our clients! We have shared some stories of the work we have done with our clients and how they have been impacted.

See you next month!
Our Services
We can help you leverage technology to drive your business forward by building custom technology platforms.
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We can help you build a culture of innovation within your organisation by focusing on People, Process and Product.
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Our customised masterclasses provide teams with skills to take on new and existing business opportunities.
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Our Work
We restructured our client's website content to provide small and medium farmers with information on conservation agricultural practices.
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Technology enables Civil Society Organisations to effectively and efficiently deliver their services and reach more people.
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Our Insights
Employee development is fundamental to organisational growth. Employees are your greatest assets and to instill in them a sense of attachment and loyalty; you need to invest in their career development. 
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The need to continuously train employees in order to sharpen their skills cannot be over-emphasized. However, it is important to know that for your organisation to benefit from a set of competent employees, you need to invest in a corporate Learning Management System (LMS) 
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