JUNE 2021 Issue
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Welcome to the June 2021 issue of the BongoHive Consult brief! Get inspired by our monthly insights on how innovation is transforming businesses now and in the future.

In light of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Zambia, businesses need to intensify their digital transformation efforts and move quickly to adapt to the current business environment. Re-engineering business processes during the pandemic can keep your business afloat and satisfy customer needs.

As you prepare for the third quarter, we have shared some tips on what you need to be successful in meeting your goals. Read more on our insights.

We have also been busy working with clients on different projects. Here are some highlights:

Last week Wednesday, we launched ProjectInnov8, an internal innovation challenge for Stanbic bank Zambia. The aim of the project is to help the bank take incremental steps towards sharper and smarter systems in ways that will positively impact its customers’ banking experience. 

For 2 months now, we have been conducting classes for the BongoHive Consult Coding Academy in partnership with Dufuna. The academy is a 3-month online programme for Zambians who are looking to gain skills in Software Engineering, Product Management and Product Design. One of our scholars who is enrolled on the Mobile Development track shared her experience with the programme so far. Read about her experience here.

We recently closed off on the Loop project, where we were conducting Web and SMS prototyping for a feedback platform where recipients of aid can give feedback on the services they receive. Read more on the work we did.

See you next month.

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Our Insights
How to be Successful in the Next Quarter 
We are almost halfway through the year and approaching the third quarter. Careful planning in the third quarter will help you determine what you need to be successful in the next quarter and for the rest of the year. If you have had a challenging year so far,  it’s not too late to get your goals back on track, 
Here are some tips to help you get started preparing for the third quarter. 
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Re-engineering Business Processes During the Pandemic 
The COVID-19 pandemic has provided organisations with a huge task of rethinking their business models, modes of operation and operation processes. Many businesses around the world have suffered the loss of revenue while others have completely shut down. 
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) can help you to implement changes to your business processes to remain relevant.
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Our Work
Providing an SMS and Web Feedback Mechanism for Recipients of Aid 
Our client was looking to provide a platform where recipients of aid can give feedback on the services they receive. 
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BongoHive Consult Coding Academy
We are conducting classes for the BongoHive Consult Coding Academy in partnership with Dufuna for Zambians who would like to start a career in tech.
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