Providing an SMS and Web Feedback Mechanism for Recipients of Aid

We worked with the Sonder Design Collective and Zambia Governance Foundation (ZGF) and the Non-Governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council on the Loop project, to provide a digital feedback platform in Zambia that will spotlight recipients of aid in rural and urban areas. Loop is a global platform for people to give feedback on humanitarian and development services in their communities. It is a digital space for conversations to happen that improve lives, and change behaviour at scale.


Our client, Sonder Design Collective, was looking to provide a platform where recipients of aid can give feedback on the services they receive. The client also wanted to ensure that this platform benefits both the rural and urban population.


Our role in the project was to conduct Web and SMS prototyping for the feedback platform and offer translation support to make the feedback platform accessible in English and Nyanja.


We also provided User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) support by making the feedback platform easy to use and overall, create a good experience as users interact with the platform.




Who can use Loop?

Service providers and service users can openly engage with Loop through a variety of different channels such as SMS or Web. Sensitive information, serious complaints or reports of sexual exploitation and abuse are sent to the appropriate referral pathway and not posted online. 

How to use Loop

You can share your story on the Loop website by following these simple steps:

  • Type your story-Put as much information as you can
  • Indicate what kind of feedback it is. It could be thank you, a question, or a suggestion.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself (name, gender and age. You can decide to leave out your name if you wish to remain anonymous) 
  • Review your story and submit it.
  • The story is then sent to a moderator who checks if the story meets our community guidelines. 
  • Your story is uploaded within 48hrs.

To access Loop on the phone: Type Loop, send it to the number, 4343, and follow the instructions.

You can engage with other people’s stories by replying to a story or upvoting it.



 Sheena, the Loop Coordinator from Zambia Governance Foundation shared the impact of the Loop project: 

“The Loop SMS and web platform make it easier for citizens to give feedback to development organisations/service providers on the quality of services that they are receiving. It further makes organisations and service providers more accountable to their stakeholders as they are able to give responses to their stakeholders on the platform.

The Loop SMS enables people that do not have access to the internet to still be able to give their feedback to organisations/service providers through a toll-free number and when organisations/service providers respond to them, the response is sent directly to their phone. Hence, even people without internet access are able to hold organisations/service providers accountable.”

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