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Leadership – A barrier or enabler, Is Agile leadership the answer?

Speaker: Nchimunya Kabunda

Title: Head of Mission at Ennèa-world (PSM I, PSM II| PAL I | ICP-ACC) Changemaker


Host: Cynthia Mulenga

Title: PSM I | UX Product Owner @ Open Energy Labs | Co-Lead @ Facebook DevC | Co-founder & Co-host @ CodeCastZM


To see a successful organization transformations leaders must-have new capabilities in order to build 21st-century businesses and organizations. Surviving and thriving in today’s environment requires leaders who have the following capabilities:

  • Shaping an agile culture
  • Self-transformation – a new mindset
  • Fostering Innovation.
  • Following your north star
  • Transforming teams
  • Transforming the organization

This workshop will take a deep dive into helping leaders of today discover essential capabilities to compete and survive to become more agile and see fundamental Agile transformations in organizations.

About the Speaker:

Nchimunya Kabunda – Head of Mission at Ennèa-world (PSM I, PSM II| PAL I | ICP-ACC) Changemaker

Nchimunya Kabunda Brown is a Scrum master, agile leader and agile Coach passionate about driving Agile Project Management particularly in Zambia and across Africa through education and awareness at every level and building highly productive teams.

Nchimunya was the Zambian Ambassador at the prestigious Agile20reflect Festival, the biggest global agile festival.

She is an experienced Information Systems Specialist with over 15 years of hands on experience in the IT sector. She has vast experience in Information systems management, distributed systems management and website management. She has also successfully led projects in francophone and Anglophone Africa in leading strategic oversight.

She is a certified Professional Scrum Master I (PSMI and PSM II), Professional Agile Leadership I (PALI) and Agile Coach. She also has a MSc. in Information Systems Management.


Date: Tuesday, 3rd August 2021
Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

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