Innovate with BongoHive Consult for a unique process guaranteed to answer your business challenge.
We will design a product your customers are guaranteed to love.

Our methodologies are grounded in ‘Lean’ thinking; meaning we add value to every step of the journey, we continually test and validate to minimise risk and we get ideas to the market. Our collaborative of thinkers is key to every success ensuring we combine talent from strategists, techies, creatives and most importantly you and your customers. Explore our products below to get a snapshot of what your innovation process could entail;

Market Research & Idea Testing

We believe in Human Centered Design so will place your customers at the center of Innovation. Speaking to them, aiming to understand them insight out and gathering transformative insights that will drive successful innovation. We continually test & iterate to ensure that your innovation will get traction in the marketplace.

Product & Service Design

Having started with understanding the customer, we now workshop these insights with Design Thinking to come up with idea concepts addressing your specific challenge or opportunity area. We will iteratively develop the most popular ideas and consider the entire user journey (& UX) to ensure your idea is effectively commercialised.

Hackathons, Sprints & Co-Creation

Some of the best ideation comes from collaborating with great minds. We run a short, intensive workshops pulling on experts, techies & consumers alike to design & test ideas solving social or business challenges. Workshops will be tailored to suit your needs and can encompass a cross-section of your internal staff if desired

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