Our goal is to help corporate institutions build a culture of innovation.

Our Approach

It is incredibly difficult for large firms to innovate. Established systems and processes mean there is often little to no room for experimentation – beyond R&D.

However, we also see that for corporate innovation to thrive it requires open innovation, in the form of external partnerships and a strong foundation for a formal innovation process. Without this, innovation attempts will be haphazard and wins, short-lived.

Which is where BongoHive comes in.

To fully deliver on our Corporate Innovation endeavours, we adopt a design thinking approach, that allows for a collaborative and co-created approach to the development of every client assignment. With a focus on People, Process and Product.

Our Goal

Dynamic and talented People on your teams across all functions.
Rigorous and consistent Processes to improve every aspect of your teams’ work and to innovatively tackle problems.
Co-created and customer-focused Products/Services

Our Work

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