We are now in the second quarter of the year! We started off the year on a busy note and we are determined to keep sailing through.
Here are our updates for this week.
We are now in week 2 of The SC Women in Tech incubation programme where 10 female-led-business are being guided on how they can use technology to grow their businesses. In the first week, the startups and the facilitators met virtually and got to plan for the 12 weeks of the incubation phase. This week, the startups will have one-on-one Accounting and Finance sessions with our startup coach, Peter Nawa. They will also have one-on-one sessions on Business Development, as well as Design Thinking sessions on how to generate better ideas.

Today at 5:30 PM CAT, we will host an information session for the BongoHive Consult Coding Academy. In this session, we will share more details about the programme and answer any questions that you may have about the programme. We will also take some time to listen to testimonials from some of the Dufuna graduates. Register here to attend. To apply for the programme, visit this website. Applications close this Friday, April 16th.

We are exploring the role of entrepreneurs, innovators and digital technologies in plastic waste management across Africa with DITCH Plastic. We need your opinions to enable us to make robust recommendations to stakeholders such as policymakers, funders and investors. By taking part, you will be helping us gain a deeper understanding of the sector. We will publish and promote the outputs of this research to stakeholders and we believe that you can help us shape the future intervention that will strengthen and grow the sector. Please help us by filling out and sharing this survey.  

 In Episode 5 of the BongoHive Podcast, we explore business partnerships, specifically in a B2B context and how to navigate identifying potential partners and securing beneficial strategic partnerships. The episode features 3 guests who, through their businesses and their roles, takes us through the journey of securing partnerships and strategic collaborations. The episode features interviews with Chabu Muchinshi (ACE Smart Zambia), Gilbert Mwale (eMsika) and Jessica Chisompola (Zanaco).  

That is all from us this week. Have a great week, and stay safe.
BongoHive Opportunities
Agility is emerging as an essential part of adaptive, flexible and engaged businesses and organisations of the 21st century. This workshop focuses on enhancing participant awareness of agility and encouraging its adoption as a pathway to increased value extraction and as a tool to render a competitive advantage to businesses and organisations.
Date: April 13, 2021
Register here.
Are you a Zambian citizen interested in building a career in tech? Appy for the BongoHive Consult Coding Academy.
Programmes available:
  • Software Development
  • Product Management 
  • Design Management
Cost: $600
Duration: 3 months
Deadline: April 8, 2021.
Take a day to develop your understanding of what leadership is and explore the kind of leader you want to become. You will connect with others working for social change and share valuable experiences as you start your leadership journey. 
Opportunities in our Community
Applications for the 2021 ZICTA ICT Innovation Programme are now open.
The ICT Innovation programme is an initiative under the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority that provides various technical and business development support services to ICT innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop their nascent tech-related innovative ideas into viable business ventures. 
Deadline: April 30, 2021
NVIDIA will host the GTC21 conference for AI Innovators, Technologists and Creatives.  . Discover the advanced technologies that are transforming today's industries.
Register here to get free access to over 1400 sessions during the GTC conference.
Date: April 12-16th, 2021 

The Innovating Justice Challenge is inviting all startups that are transforming the justice sector to become part of the 2021 accelerator cohort. The Innovation Justice Challenge invites startups from East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, the MENA region and Ukraine. Grow your game-changing innovation into an impactful business.
Deadline: April 30, 2021
Apply here
Startup Spotlight: MedSearch Zambia
 MedSearch Zambia is a medical directory application that helps Zambians find the nearest health facility such as a hospital, pharmacy, or even a laboratory. Through the app, people can access necessary information such as what services a hospital offers and also set up an appointment. If it’s a pharmacy, the app will show what medication is being stocked by the pharmacy. MedSearch aims to contribute to governments efforts of achieving the universal health coverage target by ensuring that access to health information is made as easy as possible.  
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A Zambian-based startup, JGo Africa has launched its super app, offering more than 60 on-demand services, as it bids to become the “WeChat of Africa”.
Founded by Nchindu Siabuluba, JGo Africa is a multi-service platform that includes offerings such as delivery services, ride-hailing, resource sharing, a digital wallet, and social networking.
It launched last month, with the aim of becoming a one-stop-shop, as WeChat is in China and other regions.  
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Our COVID-19 Resource Center
has curated content to help entrepreneurs manage the effects of COVID-19 on their businesses.
Our Entrepreneur Resource portal is a comprehensive list of resources and tools to assist entrepreneurs in Zambia. From funding to budgeting tools to networking, it's all here.
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