September 2021 Issue
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Welcome to the September 2021 issue of the BongoHive Consult brief! Get inspired by our monthly insights on how innovation is transforming businesses now and in the future.

The impression that customers have of your brand affects their purchasing decisions. Every business wants to leave a good impression on its customers and build a long-lasting relationship. But, you can only know how to provide a good customer experience when you understand how they want to interact with you. Thanks to big data, you can generate insights to offer a more personalised customer experience. Read on how data improves the customer experience at various touchpoints. 

As you aim to provide a good customer experience at every touchpoint, ensure that you make your website accessible for every user. People with visual impairments such as blindness, low vision or colour blindness require extra functionality to navigate a website. We have shared some tips on how you can improve web accessibility for the differently-abled.

We are happy to announce that applications for the second cohort of BongoHive Consult Coding Academy are open. The programme is a 3-month online academy that we are conducting in partnership with Dufuna Tech. The programme provides an opportunity for you to gain skills in Product Management, Product Design and Software development by working on real-life products. You will also gain access to a Marketplace where you can apply what you have learnt and earn money. Applications close on 14th October 2021.  Cost: ZMW350/ month. Apply here.

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Improving Website Accessibility for the Differently-Abled
There is so much emphasis on the human-centred design approaches to creating digital experiences. Most businesses have put in a lot of work in building websites that integrate technology, user experience and business requirements. 
However, in the quest to craft engaging web experiences, most businesses overlook accessibility. More often than not, websites are built for the average user- someone who can easily navigate a website.
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How Data Improves Customer Experience
We have all encountered good and bad customer experiences in one way or the other. The different experiences have played a key role in deciding whether to continue interacting with a particular brand or not. This is also true for customers that interact with your business at various touchpoints. They are also looking to do business in an environment that creates an exceptional experience for them.  
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BongoHive Consult Coding Academy 
Gain skills in Product Design, Product Management and Software Development
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Innovating with Young Talent to Create Viable Solutions
How BongoHive Consult creates a pipeline of top software engineering talent. 
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