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November 2020 Issue
We exist to solve challenges. 
Our hive of great minds bring entrepreneurial thinking into organisations to create solutions, inspire and delight - making anything possible.

Welcome to the November 2020 Issue of the BongoHive Consult brief! Get inspired by our monthly insights on how innovation is transforming businesses now and in the future.

What to look out for in this issue:
We have seen an acceleration in innovative business solutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The new normal as we know it now implies that business has to continue but just in a different way.

In this low touch economy, businesses have had to evolve their processes and behaviours to overcome the challenges posed by the coronavirus. 

Keeping things low-touch is the new state of our economy. It’s time we face it head-on. 
Our big question is: If not now, when?

We have shared some of the innovations that you can tap into to navigate in the low-touch economic environment.

See you next month.
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We can help you leverage technology to drive your business forward by building custom technology platforms.
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We can help you build a culture of innovation within your organisation by focusing on People, Process and Product.
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Our customised masterclasses provide teams with skills to take on new and existing business opportunities.
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Our Work
Enhancing a Website’s Load Speed Through Image Optimisation
How we optimised a website to improve its performance.  
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How We Used Augmented Reality (AR) to Showcase a 5 Year Financial Road Map 
A tablet-based solution that cuts costs and reduces the data collection process from months to days.
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Our Insights
Business Continuity With The Cloud
Cloud computing has emerged as an essential technology during the pandemic, especially for businesses that are working remotely. The need for remote work has surged in 2020 and many organisations have seen the value for cloud computing as a technology to provide a solution for content management, even beyond the pandemic. Organisations who have already invested in a cloud management platform are ahead of the digital curve, making their business continuity plans easy to implement. 
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The Low Touch Economy: What Business Opportunities Does It Present?
In just a short period of time, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major shifts in the economic environment and brought about massive economic disruptions which have affected businesses around the globe.
This has been one of the biggest blows in this century and it might be hard for businesses to get back on track even post-pandemic. However, this is not to say that the times ahead will be worse, there is hope for businesses to thrive and accelerate success by adapting their business models to align with the new normal. 
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