Enhancing a Website’s Load Speed Through Image Optimisation

How we optimised a website to improve its performance.

Regardless of the nature of your business, a well designed and efficiently operating website is a necessity in this digital age. The power of a website to support an organisation’s digital efforts cannot be overemphasized. Websites make a business credible thereby giving customers confidence as they make their purchasing decisions. However, for a website to deliver great user experience, it needs to be responsive to web requests. A slow-loading website can cause prospective customers to lose interest in your business and further reduce the chances of your business’ web visibility on search engines.

This is how we helped a client’s website responsive in order to increase customer engagement.


An established financial institution was encountering difficulties with the speed and reliability of their website. The client was concerned that the constant occurrences of their website slowing down could reduce website traffic, which would, in turn, lead to the loss of potential customers. The institution asked us to help with making their website as responsive as possible.


The BongoHive Consult team set out to perform image optimisation on the client’s website to make it load faster. Additionally, we put an analytics system in place to help the client monitor visitor traffic to the site, downtime notifications and other notifications to increase the speed and reliability of the site. We then realised that one other key issue that needed to be addressed was to make the site internally owned. In order to do this, we provided training to the client on how they could manage the site to make it what they needed it to be.


After our intervention, the website now loads faster and through the training we provided, the client can now quickly act when the site is down. Additionally, the client now receives a notification every time someone logs onto their site and with this, the client can now measure and keep track of what visitors are most interested in when they visit the site, as well as monitor who is accessing the site.

BongoHive Consult can help your website load quicker in order to make your customers smoothly interact with your site.

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