How We Used Augmented Reality (AR) to Showcase a 5 Year Financial Road Map

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) means computer generated content that is overlaid on a real world environment.

The idea is that you have an application running on your smartphone. Once you start the application and point the camera towards the target which are markers, specified images would appear on the markers and can be viewed in three dimensions (3D).

Users could go further by interacting with the content and get the required responses.

For both employees and customers of financial institutions, education is important for understanding changes in financial systems; AR and VR come in handy to fulfil this role.

Our Consult team capitalised on the benefits that AR and VR present to solve a client’s problem.


Our client, a major financial institution was seeking a unique way to present their 5 year financial journey to their employees in an innovative way. They asked the BongoHive Consult team to design and develop an Augmented Reality mobile application that would offer a ‘Pokemon Go’ like experience to use during their annual end of year strategic plan reveal party.

The main goal of the application was to present their 7 strategic plans in a visually appealing manner which was different from their usual powerpoint slides.


For three weeks, the BongoHive Consult team collaborated to design and implement an Augmented Reality Application for the client. The team focused on two critical tasks:

  • Carrying out a feasibility study on the use of AR towards client specified requirements.
  • Designing creative animated scenarios that would represent the key ideas of each of strategic pillars.

To ensure successful implementation of the project, there was constant feedback sessions with the client’s marketing team, the lead animator and the application developers to create the desired visual representation of these pillars.

The complete work resulted into an AR mobile that was able to tell a visual story of where the institution was heading to. Each pillar’s key theme was played out by 3D animations that their employees could see in physical space through their phones.


The successful design and implementation of augmented reality mobile applications saw the client to deliver a unique way of showcasing their 5 year road map to its employees in a more visual and creative way.