Accelerating the Growth of Socially Responsible Enterprises

In partnership with Prospero and Village Capital, we are excited to launch the call for applications for the first cohort of Thrive Investment Readiness Accelerator for growth-oriented businesses

We’re seeking a selection of 10 startups operating from within Lusaka, Zambia that are tackling the largest challenges in one or more of the following critical sectors:

  • Education (Edtech);
  • Tourism;
  • Financial inclusion (FinTech);
  • Clean energy;
  • Agriculture; and
  • Mining Services.

The programme includes a series of workshops – these are typically four-day engagements – that provide our entrepreneurs with training to develop their business models, financials, pitches, sales pipelines, and other aspects. Entrepreneurs will also have one-on-one time with mentors, industry experts, investors, top local business leaders, and potential customers.

Selected startups are required to have two team members (incl. one C-level team member) attend all three virtual workshops on ZOOM.

At the end of the programme, ventures will be selected by BongoHive and the Advisory Board to pitch their businesses to potential investors in order to receive investment.

The workshops will take place on the following dates:

  • Workshop 1    19 Jan 2021  to  23 Jan 2021
  • Workshop 2    18 Feb 2021  to  22 Feb 2021
  • Workshop 3    20 Mar 2021  to  24 Mar 202


Key Benefits

  • Training and mentorship to help you scale operations and get investment ready
  • Participants to this programme grow 20% of their revenues and hire 3 more people on average within the year of programming
  • Get access to a lifetime, affordable and risk-tolerant capital to fund your business growth

How we select our applicants

  • Desire and ability to continue growing in and outside of Zambia
  • Can demonstrate strong market traction
  • Are investment ready: governance, registration, finances must be in order


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who qualifies for the Thrive programme?

  • Have a finished product or established service and have some revenue traction
  • Have young operations and probably aren’t making any profit yet; they’re investing all of their cash to grow
  • Want to rapidly grow and expand to new markets across Zambia, or internationally
  • Have a strong team of 3 or more staff to allow it to grow quickly


Who can attend the programme?

  • The programme involves making strategic and operational decisions that impact the entire business. Therefore, it is required that a senior member of your team attend (CEO, CFO, etc.), and make himself or herself available for all workshops for the duration of the programme.


What is the duration of the programme?

  • The workshops will take place on the following dates:
    • Workshop 1  19 Jan 2021  to  23 Jan 2021
    • Workshop 2  18 Feb 2021  to  22 Feb 2021
    • Workshop 3 20 Mar 2021  to  24 Mar 2021


Where will the programme take place?

  • Online – Zoom, in Lusaka Zambia


Are there any fees/costs involved?

  • There are no fees involved


What will be covered during the workshops?


What do participants get upon completion of the programme?

  • Better placed to get investment from potential investors
  • An opportunity to pitch your business to potential investors



Applications are now open click on the button below to apply


Application deadline: 11th December 2020


  • Get connected  to relevant networks that drive your business growth

Application Process

Apply here

Application deadline

11th December 2020

Commencement Date

19 January 2021

Programme Length

3 Months