Team Tuesday – Chomba Chanda

My name is Chomba Chanda. I recently joined BongoHive Consult as an Intern Software Engineer, specialised in the Front-End. 

I am a naturally curious person. I am always learning, trying new things, and doubling my rate of failure. I also enjoy podcasts; my favourite channel is Syntax. I force myself to read a book at least an hour a day. I am interested in making our society a better place with software.

After completing school, I initially wanted to pursue a career in Architecture Engineering but I developed an interest in software engineering.

I slowly gained interest in software development after having a conversation with Mr Christopher Mwiinga who at the time was pursuing Software Engineering in China. He shared his learning resources and that is how I began my tech journey. I first started learning PHP and later adopted JavaScript.

Our society runs on software. Technology is embedded everywhere,  and there is no doubt that it has become a part of our daily life. Be it in entertainment, communication or in the various business transactions. It’s strange to see how we are relying on technology but very few people know how to code.

On my first day at BongoHive, I was scared because I was unsure of the type of people I will be working with. I am glad that my first day at Bongohive has been so far the best. 

At the time I reported, there was a training that BongoHive had organised called The BongoHive Indispensable Employee Training. The topic for the session was on clarifying expectations. The session got me on the right track on what I wanted to get out of my internship.

implementing what I learned is essential to my career. After the training, I felt sure I was ready to work with the team and contribute my efforts while expanding my skill set.

On my lunch break, I usually experiment with Typescript. I am slowly adding user experience and interface design to my skills. I do not just love software that works well but also software that looks and feels great.

At the end of my internship, I hope to have practical knowledge and experience in Software Engineering. I also hope to gain collaboration and communication skills, as well as business etiquette. Being mentored by great minds building viable solutions that change the world is an opportunity for me to excel and make Zambia a gigantic technology innovation hub.