BongoHive comes to Kitwe with Idea2Prototype Day at CBU


Despite Zambia’s economic growth in recent years, youth unemployment figures remain high (48% for the 20-24 years age group). The world is at a pivotal point right now, re-evaluating models of education and forming policies that will shape and foster new business creation.

Design thinking is a process, applicable to all walks of life, of creating new and innovative ideas and solving problems. The Idea2Prototype (i2p) Day will teach the design thinking process by enabling participants to tackle local innovation challenges through a structured yet creative approach.

The event is supported by Embassy of SwedenCopperbelt University and Asikana Network. It will also attract notable speakers and coaches, including various sponsors and company representatives.

Date: Friday 21 November, 18:00hrs – Saturday 22 November, 20:00hrs 2014

Location: Copperbelt University, Kitwe

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  1. Education: Learning through the act of creating. Participants don’t just listen to theory; they build their own strategy and test it as they go.
  2. Build personal network: Participants spend the day interacting and forming lasting relationships with thinkers and doers.
  • Learn a new skill: The event is a perfect opportunity to pick up and explore new skills from others
  1. Face time with thought leaders: Local tech and leaders participate in coaches and mentors. This is a great opportunity for one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in the business community.
  2. Opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend Lusaka: Participants may also be selected to attend Startup Weekend Lusaka that takes on 28th – 30th November.


Day 1 – Friday 21 November 2014

5.00pm     Introduction

5.15pm     Guest Speaker

5.30pm     Challenges Video Screening

5:45pm    Team formation exercise

6.00pm     Snacks

6.15pm     Close for day

Day 2 – Saturday 22 November 2014

9.00am     Arrive, energizers

9.15am     Recap of previous day

9.30am     Introduction to Design Thinking (presentation)

10.00am   Design Thinking Workshop (Handson) and Coaching

1.00pm     Lunch break

2.00pm     Pitch Practice

2:30pm    Prototyping and Coaching

4.00pm     Tea Break

4.30pm     Final Pitch Practice

5.00pm     Pitch Session

6.00pm     Judging and Winners Announcement

6.30pm     Close for Day

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