BongoHive Masterclasses: Price Change Notice

BongoHive, Lusaka’s technology and Innovation hub has announced some changes to the BongoHive Masterclasses, which come into effect on 18th September, 2017.
This serves to inform the public and all interested parties that effective 18th September, 2017 the fees for the BongoHive Masterclass.
The following prices will be applied to the BongoHive masterclasses:
  • The Digital Marketing & Analytics masterclass ZMK2000
  • The Accounting & Finance Essentials Masterclass ZMK2000
  • Customer Research & Strategy masterclass ZMK2000
  • Build a Brand Masterclass ZMK2000
  • Social Media Marketing Kickstarters (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp and YouTube) ZMK2000
  • SpeechCraft for Business Masterclass ZMK2000
  • Website Development Masterclass ZMK2000
  • Application Development masterclass ZMK2000
All classes will have six 2hr modules. Participants will have the option to take and pay for a module of their choice or take the complete masterclass. The Social media Kickstarters (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp and YouTube) will be merged into one offering with each module taking 2-3hrs.
  • Startups enrolled in BongoHive Discover Pre-Accelerator and BongoHive Launch Accelerator will be eligible for a 10% discount during the course of the programmes.
Certificates: A certificate of completion will be issued as of 18th September 2017 for all completed masterclasses.
We urge you all to take this as official notification and note that all changes will be effective on 18th September, 2017.
By BongoHive Innovation and Technology Hub Management.