Cavmont Bank partners with BongoHive – Supporting Zambian Businesses Even Further

Cavmont Bank and BongoHive sign memorandum of understanding (MoU) and announce partnership to improve financial awareness and mentorship among local entrepreneurs and MSMEs.

At the signing ceremony, held on Wednesday 27th January, Cavmont Bank and BongoHive committed to working together to improve the delivery of a seamless and robust mentorship & coaching programme for entrepreneurs and MSMEs coming through the BongoHive system.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with BongoHive whose incubator programme for start-ups has proved incredibly successful. Cavmont is delighted to be able to not only provide bespoke product and service bouquets that speak to the needs of this segment but also dedicate more time and human resources to the educational and mentorship aspects of the training programme. This is another affirmation of our commitment to supporting local business initiatives with real potential for impact and social value.” said Charles H. de B Carey, Chief Executive Officer.

Cavmont Bank has pledged to support the incubator programmes through with the aim of creating and nurturing financially sound and responsible businesses that can contribute to the long-term economic growth of Zambia.

“The ability to bridge BongoHive’s efforts with a local bank will help to address the growing need for financial awareness and development among the start-ups currently enrolled with us. The strong MSME and SME focus shared by both entities confirms that this partnership is the right choice for us. Furthermore, Cavmont’s expertise will directly benefit our curriculum, especially that of our newly-launched Discover Programme.” added Lukonga Lindunda, BongoHive co-founder and Executive Director.

The partnership addresses the direct needs of young local entrepreneurs with talent and with whom BongoHive have built up a sterling reputation for building up and supporting start-ups with viable solutions for the local market.