Start-up Working to Decrease Infant Mortality in Zambia Wins Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: Social Impact theme.

Safe Motherhood Alliance, a startup that provides, produces and distributes safe baby delivery kits to women in rural areas has won the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: Social Impact theme. The startup won $1000 worth of seed investment for the advancement of their project after completing the bootcamp.

The objective of Safe motherhood alliance is to decrease the infant mortality rate across Zambia through easier access to all the equipment a mother needs when giving birth in one bag at just ZMW 100. By having this kit, more mothers will be accepted into clinics or hospitals when in labour and those who give birth at home are more likely to have successful, safer births.

Their focus is to also raise awareness on Rural Births; raise funds to bring these solutions to the women who need them most and focus research on continuous innovations in this field. birthing kits, including all the essentials a mother needs to safely give birth,

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: Social Impact, started out with a 2-day ideation session where 30 applicants of the bootcamp where shortlisted and invited to attend. After this, 12 startups moved to stage 2 of the bootcamp: a 3-week program called Discover.  The bootcamp culminates with a pitch event at the end of the 3 weeks, where the best all the startups pitch to a panel of judges and the best team/startup walks away with $1000 seed investment

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017/18: Social Impact Startups:

  1. Nsomo Kits: A mobile application allowing more students to have access to readily available study notes & past papers
  2. Divine Designs: creates unique pieces of furniture such as tables, mirrors and pot plants made out of recycled materials creating a beautiful mosaic effect
  3. Safe Motherhood Alliance: Safe Motherhood Alliance produces and distributes safe baby delivery kits to women in rural areas.
  4.  The Farmers Hub – an application helping more farmers have access to veterinary advice
  5. QRC Crowdfunding – bringing together locals to fund local NGO projects, helping them become more sustainable
  6.  Moyo Wathu – A startup aiming to support youth with mental health challenges, by bringing people together over shared interests.
  7. Googano – Helping create a leaner supply chain for rice sellers in Lusaka
  8. Afrofashion – A popup fashion marketplace helping fashion conscious customers access more Zambian designers with ease
  9. Thabo’s Jewels & Trendz – A hand printed fabric brand, created by ex-prisoner ladies who have been trained whilst in prison then employed once they leave to prevent them returning to prison