Developer Economics: National Trends Survey | OCT – NOV 2015

Developer Economics is the largest, most global developer research program today. Now reaching 13,000+ developers in over 140 countries, VisionMobile’s Developer Economics is the de-facto leader in tracking developer trends.

Currently in its 10th edition, the research program tracks developer sentiment across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments, business models, and regions. Metrics include monetization for mobile and cloud, IoT popularity, desktop app positioning, and much more. VisionMobile invites you to participate in its latest 10-minute survey. Participants that do so will receive special prize offerings for an iPhone 6s, Amazon Voucher, and other neat prizes developers have asked us for. Survey respondents will also receive access to interactive graphs that help compare themselves with other devs from their country – or their country with other countries from the developer landscape. As always, the key findings will be released as a free report for the entire developer community.

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