Developer Economics: State of Developer Nation Q1 2016

Based on the VisionMobile survey of 21,000+ software developers

Welcome to the State of the Developer Nation Q1 2016 report, based on the 10th Developer Economics global survey wave. Produced by VisionMobile, Developer Economics is the leading research program on mobile, desktop, IoT, and cloud developers, tracking developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, languages, tools, APIs, segments and regions. The 10th Developer Economics global survey wave ran from October to November 2015, and reached more than 21,000 developers in over 150 countries. The report focuses on seven major themes – each with its own visualisation showing how the data lends insight into the developer community.

This State of the Developer Nation report highlights some of the most interesting findings from the survey: the trends in platform and language that are changing the industry, and how developers are meeting those new challenges. In this report we’ve summarized the key findings, and present some thoughts on how those trends will change the software landscape over the next few years.