Hubs-in-Africa List Now Available

We would like to thank all of you who have supported the Africa Hubs project so far by either submitting reports or providing critical feedback.

We have published a detailed listing of the hubs that have been mapped so far. It is available here. Feel free to use and share it.


hubsinafrica map

It is very difficult to find information about Africa’s technology hubs in one place for this reason BongoHive took up the initiative to map
the hubs across Africa. The Hubs in Africa map also encourages interaction and knowledge exchange between the hubs. We used the Ushahidi crowdsourcing platform which is quick and cost effective way to aggregate and map data from text, twitter, and emails from thousands of people in different places.


Innovation Hubs create an open and collaborative working atmosphere for individuals and local start-ups. Instead of small office cubicals/spaces, hubs provide open working spaces that foster the concept of co-working and serve as spaces for knowledge exchange and community building. Apart from exchanging ideas hubs provide access to investor, mentors and other key stakeholders.