selecting 10 quality participants has not been an issue due to the large number of applicants.


aside from interest in our programmes, our participants have achieved solid successes in the wider ecosystem in winning competitions, starting and growing their businesses and generating media hype.

We had more men than women enrolled in the Discover programme and there was an equal number of men and women who enrolled in the launch programme, 8th cohort and more men enrolled in the Launch Programme as compared to the women in the 9th cohort. 

Startups are able to graduate, grow their businesses and also able to employ other staff.  Both Discover and Launch participants have been able to take part in community events, won competitions, started and expanded their businesses.

We had 50 startups in Discover. 78% of men and 22% of women attended the Discover programme and there were 21 startups in Launch. 76.2% of men and 23.8% of women attended the Launch programme. Participants expressed satisfaction with the quality of the programmes offered, with majority of them reaching to the end of the programme without dropping out.

BongoHive space encourages collaboration because of the socially friendly environment with kitchen, coffee stations, and conference rooms that have several smaller tables with groups of chairs around them and couches. Time is set aside for face-to-face collaboration.  The office has been renovated to create extra room for the startups, coworking and staff. Apart from renovations, office maintenance is done frequently. This will bring in more startups using the BongoHive space.