Innovating with Tech Enthusiasts and Creatives to Co-create Viable Solutions in Education Delivery

Co-creation: An Ideation Session on ‘Co-creating Better Education’

What started as a mere tweet about the need for quality education in Zambia especially with regards to the poor reading and writing culture turned into an ideation session where education specialists, tech enthusiasts and concerned parties came together to brainstorm innovative solutions that can redesign the experience of acquiring knowledge and delivering learning by teachers.

The tweet by BongoHive — Head of Entrepreneurship, Simunza Muyangana, attracted concerns about the need to improve the learning experience for both teachers and learners at every level of education as well as how relevant stakeholders can be actively involved in responding to the contemporary trends in the education sector.

Compelled by the comments, we called on interested parties for a one-day ideation session to re-imagine creative and innovative solutions for better education.

The session was centred on coming up with ideas on how creatives and tech enthusiasts can use technology to enhance learning and support teachers and learning.

As BongoHive Consult, we are eager to solve problems through innovation, technology, increasing collaboration, and providing a forum for ideas exchange. Our role in this co-creation was to facilitate the creation and exchange of ideas that can solve the challenges in the delivery of quality education.

Below are some of the challenges facing teachers and learners in Zambia as pointed out by the participants and how they think they can be solved.

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