Lusaka GDG: Hackathon

Lusaka Google Developer Group presents the first-ever Lusaka GDG Hackathon! We’ll be learning and hacking Google Technologies to create apps for the Google Apps Developer Challenge.

Who will be there: Developers, Designers

What will be hacked: Google Apps and Drive APIs and other Google technologies.

What I will be hacking for: The Google Apps Developer Challenge.

  1. Learn about Google Apps and Drive APIs
    • The event will include training on the major features of Google Apps and Drive APIs including other Google Technologies such as Android, Google Maps and more. Google tech enthusiasts will be on hand to help and to answer questions throughout the day.
  2. Build with Us or Build Your Own
    • Throughout the day, we will be building complete applications and aiding each other. If, on the other hand, you already have a great app idea for the Google Apps Developer Challenge, bring that idea with you to the hackathon. Even better, bring along anything you can prepare ahead of time (sketches, designs, webpage mockups, etc.) and use the time and information provided to develop your idea into a working application, then share it with the world.
    • At the end of the day, in the interest of time, we’ll invite some of you to present your application with the group.

What Do I Need: We will provide facilities, power, food, refreshments, and experts to help you learn to use Google technologies and write your application. Just bring your laptop, ideas, and enthusiasm to complete the mix. Familiarize yourself with the APIs. Begin gathering ideas and maybe even a bit of coding and/or designing. Use the Hackathon to perfect your app.

Learning resources and tutorials on Google Technologies

Here are some links to learning resources, and tutorials to help you prepare for the hackathon and beyond.

Information about the Google Apps Developer Challenge can be found here.

More info can be found here.

Any updates relating to the hackathon will be posted on Twitter and Google+ using the hashtag, #lskghack (#lskghack on Google+).

Come and be a part of awesomeness!!!

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