MakerHut Mini Make-a-thon | Saturday April 26th 2014

On 26th April, MakerHut will be having a mini Make-a-thon. What is a Make-a-thon? Simply, an event in which we work on projects 10014554_612938488783148_434342992284886247_ntogether and share with one another. The purpose of the event is to provide a opportunity for people to gain hands-on experience with electronics.

MakerHut will provide all the tools and components you’ll need to create your masterpiece: wire, microcontrollers, sensors, soldering iron, and more, including some prototyping software. And if you have any materials you’d like to tinker with, feel free to bring them too.

New to hardware? Not to worry. In the days leading up to make-a-thon, we’ll have an online forum where participants will form teams, share ideas, and drill down on projects. The forum will be in our instructables group, so please sign up on Instructables and join the group.
You can even start working on your ideas right now and complete or demo them at the Make-a-thon.

In addition, some of the projects we’ll be working on will be entered in some Instructables Contests: Sensor Contest  and Gadget Hacking and Accessories Contest.

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