Our masterclasses give you the specific skills you need to grow your startup or small business.

Website and App Development

Social Media

Build Your First Website

This 4 day masterclass makes designing and building a website for the first time simple and easy to achieve.

Build Your First App

This seven session masterclass teaches you all the fundamentals, equipping you with the knowledge to build and design an app all by yourself.

Social Media Kickstarters

Create and grow your online community, drive market awareness, convert awareness to sales and ultimately, growth of your business.

Digital Marketing & Analytics

For businesses with existing communities who want to maximise their impact through targeting and analysing performance.

Vital Business Skills

SpeechCraft for Business

Improve your communication skills, gain confidence to speak with eloquence and ease in any situation, particularly in business.

Building a

Create a strong brand strategy and execute a visual identity guaranteed to entice new customers and maintain loyalty.

Customer Research & Strategy 

Learn how to understand your customer inside-out, to design a solution meeting their needs and how best to target them with marketing and sales.

Accounting & Finance Essentials

In just six sessions, learn how to most effectively manage the finance of your business to generate consistent growth and become investable.

Data Analytics Skills

Data Science

Develop skills that support data-driven thinking and products