Meet the Industry: Writers

BongoHive invites you to hear professional Zambian writers discuss the “story behind the story”. Our speakers are Nkole Nkole, Katrina Zaravica, Dario Chongolo and Imanga Kayama. What is their inspiration? What are the challenges? How do they come up with a great story? What drives them? What are some of the opportunities in this industry?

Join us on the 4th of March at 18:00hrs for this exciting event.


Nkole NkoleNkole

Nkole is a Zambian journalist presently working with the Zambia Daily Mail. She considers writing to be her first love and feels privileged to utilise her passion to earn a living. Nkole wrote the first nationally published feature story on BongoHive. Her story inspirations are drawn from the common man in need of a voice and from the rich experiences of everyday people.

Katarina Zaravica

Katarina works in Communications, offering Editorial Consulting Services for creative projects ranging bbc1c699d8834ab8249f1d7ca4a0a96afrom content development and conceptualization to more technical aspects such as proofreading, copy-editing, writing and document designing for businesses, NGOs, Government, students, authors and the general public.

Some of the projects she has worked on include the popular version of the Draft Constitution, the Access to Justice Program, the launch of the Zambia Decent Work Country Profile and the Maternity Protection Convention for the ILO, and the ILUA II technical paper series for the FAO. She has written, edited and designed annual reports for international NGOs and leading banks, as well as business profiles and other types of content for local companies and the general public. Katarina is also the editor of the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) Journal.

Dario Chongolo

Born and bred in Zambia, Dario Chongolo is an author, motivational/inspirational teacher, broadcaster and entrepreneur.

His published works include, Sentenced to succeed, Manifesting Your Destiny, Understanding the feminine soul, Understanding the unnamed1masculine heart and Picking A Fight and Fighting To The Finish.

He is an accountant by profession and also holds diplomas in ministerial training from Gospel Training Institute and RHEMA Zambia.

He has featured on several radio programs on stations including Q f.m, flava f.m, z.n.b.c radio 2 and radio Christian voice. Some television shows include Smooth Talk, Focus, Kwacha Good Morning Zambia, the link and Morning Live-which air on the Zambia National Broadcasting Network.

Picking A Fight and Fighting To The Finish are available on, barnes and noble, kobo books and other stores locally.

Dario is passionate about helping others to discover, develop and utilize their potential to better, not just their own lives but also of those in their sphere of influence. He has been privileged to conduct motivational/inspirational teachings with various groups of people of all ages. With leadership development being one of his passions, he has had the joy of training some church leaders on the subject of leadership both in and outside Zambia.

Imanga Kayama

Imanga is a writer at TechTrends Zambia which is a Zambian web-based Technology Publication that is at the cutting edge of industry Imanga Kay1reporting, analysis and research as well as other services. While at university, she majored in Political Science. Although this has nothing to do with technology, her passion has everything to do with it. Her interests include, among other things, writing and discovering technology. Having recently returned to Zambia from her studies in Canada, Imanga is eager to share the opportunity which is internet through the skills acquired from living and learning abroad. While TechTrends Zambia is still very new, THEY look forward to collaborating with other organisations to spearhead technological
permeation in the country.


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