MTN Zambia and BongoHive host successful 1st TADHack Zambia

This past weekend, BongoHive, Lusaka’s Technology and Innovation Hub hosted the first telecom application developer Hackathon, TADHack Zambia together with MTN Zambia. TADHack Zambia took place at MTN Zambia head office in Lusaka, Zambia. TADHack is currently the worlds largest telecom focused hackathon and also took place in 32 other locations in the world between 14th -16th October, 2016. The aim was to bring together everyone interested in creating platforms, using telecom applications and services in their business processes.

TADHack Zambia attracted over 50 participants among them coders, students, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs and business people. A total of 15 projects were created.

Congratulations to Team Cognifly (a search engine that delivers Zambian content) comprising of Kampamba Chanda for winning 3rd prize JBL Bluetooth speaker. Team Agri-Save (a crowd source data platform that allows farmers make better farming choices by providing them with information suited to them) comprising of Chilumba Machona (Team Lead), Bob Ndatoya, Garry Muhone, Malambo Given for winning 2nd prize and a Hoverboard. A big congratulations to team App-Close (a web/mobile application that gives you general & vital information of universities/tertiary institutions in Zambia) comprising of Andrew Mwanza and Sikwe Siamulonga for winning 1st prize of TADHack Zambia 2016, USD$1000, Play Station 4 Console and MTN Zambia 4g router with 20gb data.

The showcase category had 5 shortlists, The recruiter (web application providing up to date jobs, events, and scholarships), Mince Meat Wifi (value added service Integrator that aims at helping business increases their sales and engage with their clients), Musanga Logistics (a logistics company using a web application to connect small business owners to consumers), ShopZed (an online grocery delivery service) and KenZam (a platform that bridges the gap between the farmer and the buyer/consumer using web app, sms, and mobile money). Shopzed emerged winner of the showcase category and walked away with a samsung s2 gear.

TADHack Global was massive with over 2600 registrations worldwide and over 150 hacks (and still counting). The counting is why there is a delay in the announcement of all the winners until Tuesday 18th Oct. TADHack Global want to ensure they do not miss any hack, everyone is reviewed both locally and globally as their quality is world-class.  Innovation and world-class talent are everywhere!

A big thank you to everyone who took part in TADHack Zambia, you made history by taking part in the first telecom focused hackathon in Zambia. Continue to grow the ideas, connections and friendships you made. TADHack global will be adding global winners on their site by Tuesday 18th October, 2016. The TADHack global twitter page is also well updated.

Thank you to all cooperating partners and sponsors MTN Zambia, Huawei, Aviat Networks, ATS Services and Signwave for coming together to support TADHack Zambia.

The TADHack Zambia projects:

  1. Trends

A mobile (android) app that allows a person to pay for online adverts using their airtime. Team Members – Nangulukila Hacinzobolo (Team lead), Richard Kasonde Nsama, Andrew Banda & Nicholas Mukuya Chipoya.

  1. Avengerrs

An event ticketing platform (web/mobile application) that allows users to buy event tickets using mobile money. Team Members – Mchotsa Banda (Team lead), Daryl Lukas, Chobela Kakumbi, Itati Dzekedzeke, Joshua Chipile & Sibusiso Ngoma

  1. Amauda

A platform (web/mobile application) that allows tertiary education students to interact and have access to school data from the institutions. Team members – Paul Joseph Mapulanga (Team Lead), Dalitso Kasonde, King Kalaluka

  1. Micro-Dot

An artificial intelligence system (web/mobile application) that helps you make online purchases using mobile money by learning your spending habits and interests. Its able to suggest to you what you’re most likely to buy and also acts as a link between your bank account and your mobile money account. Team members: Mwiza Simbeye (Team lead), Patrick Sikalinda, Fred Samani, Caroline Kalunga, Linda Shachinda & Hillary Cheucheu

  1. Real Estate

A mobile application that allows you to find a house based on user information such as location, price range. Team members: Lucas Makayi (Team Lead), Isaac Miti, Frank Simmonds, Lusa Jilowa.

  1. e-Mpiya

An online and mobile payment system bridges the gap between various payment platforms such as mobile money & banks for online economic platforms and merchants. Team members: Chinyanta Mwenya (Team Lead), Jona Siwabu, Mukopaje Singogo and Victoria Muzumara

  1. App Close

A generic cross platform (web/mobile – android, ios & windows application) that gives you general & vital information of universities/tertiary institutions using a simple click – touch & browse function. Team members: Andrew Mwanza & Sikwe Siamulonga

  1. Uncoined

A payment system that allows you to buy an item and pay for it using mobile money – simply by scanning the item you want to buy. Team Members: Niza Siwale (Team lead), Sam Ndholvu & Wankunda Simuchimba

  1. Tour Pal

A location based web/mobile application that provides real time information to tourists – tour guide. It gives a tourist information on sites to see, monuments, heritage sites, etc. Team members: Joseph Tembo (Team Lead), Tafela Phiri & Smart Mwang’amba

  1. Agri-Save

A crowd source data platform that allows farmers make better farming choices by providing them with information suited to them. Team members: Chilumba Machona (Team Lead), Bob Ndatoya, Garry Muhone, Malambo Given

  1. C# Druids (pronounced c sharp Druids)

A fire tracker system that uses map viewers to send fire alert messages to the fire departments using a USSD and Web platform. Team members: Nick Snapper & Chibuye Nsakanya

  1. E – Easy

An event ticketing platform (web, mobile app, USSD) that allows a person to buy an event ticket online and also get updates and notifications on events around them. The system also allows event hosts to manage the event – monitor ticket sales and numbers. Team members: Bruce Simukwanya (Team Lead), Joshua Mutale & Richard Amanzi

  1. Pezamalo

A real estate online platform (web application) that enables you to advertise and evaluate property using the user information you provide on your profile/user account such as location, price range, etc. Team members: Suzyo Mwelwa (Team Lead), Wengo Botha, Burton Ng’ona & Sandram Phiri

  1. Cognifly

A search engine that delivers Zambian content. Team member: Kampamba Chanda

  1. Health Smart

A web/mobile app that allows users to seek medical assistance, schedule an appointment with a doctor and use A.I to provide faster service to people seeking health care. Team members: Pride Kavumba, Chimuka Monde, Choolwe Nakalonga.