ONYX to Provide Pay As You Go Bicycles Using a Mobile App and USSD platform

ONYX Connect Zambia is a tech company running a project focused on bringing enhanced mobility to households of all low-income earners and farmers in Zambia. The company started after the CEO and founder, Wyson Lungu had a breakdown in a remote area. The nearest place he could find alternative transportation was 15 kilometres away.

After hours of being stuck on the road, a bicycle which was transporting a patient to a health facility kilometres away was the only way to get to the nearest place where Wyson could find road transport. It is from this encounter that the idea of providing Pay As You Go (PAYG) bicycles as a means of transportation was inspired.


The client was looking for efficient ways to continue providing bicycles as an affordable and reliable means of transportation to the underserved communities across Zambia. The COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruption to the client’s business and the only way to keep the business operational was by incorporating technology which could allow communities to keep buying and renting bicycles with no physical interaction.

ONYX CEO and founder narrates:

The conversation changed from scaling plans and solutions to how does the business survive and make it into 2021 and beyond. Our solution was innovation for survival. We learned that resilience and hope were two words that we needed in order to pursue our dream of driving African’s growth through the provision of PAYG products.”


The BongoHive Consult team came together to create:

-A Mobile App for both android and IOS users where they can rent or purchase a bicycle and have it delivered to them.

-A USSD Platform for users without a smartphone

-A Dashboard that gives the client real-time data and information on customers as they onboard on the platforms.


With the Mobile App and USSD platform, ONYX will be able to provide affordable and easily accessible bicycles for people to transport their goods and run their day-to-day errands. 

The dashboard will enable the client to have total visibility into the business and measure its key business metrics.

“The USSD code and Mobile app will create the demand for rental and purchase of bicycles for anyone with a mobile phone in Zambia. At ONYX we believe in technology that transforms and impacts lives.”

Wyson Lungu

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