From business idea to a launchable startup in 3 weeks.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with an awesome idea?  If so, then this is your programme.  Discover is an intense three week full-time bootcamp that gives you the basic skills you need to turn a business idea into a launched startup.
Learn how to refine and prototype your idea while getting a set of business fundamentals essential to a new enterprise.  Discover works on the principle of evidence-based entrepreneurship so you will learn how to:
  • Apply the fundamentals of UX (User Experience) to your idea
  • Evolve your idea through interacting with your users
  • Create a compelling unique value proposition
  • Generate financial forecasts and keep track of budget
  • Create and test a prototype of your product/service
  • Learn how to pitch your idea to investors, customers and partners
Commencing November 2017, Discover will be sector specific under the BongoHive Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017/18  and we will be bringing in a successful entrepreneur from the US to help advise and consult each entrepreneur on the programme.
The themes:
Nov 2017 – Social Impact
Jan 2018 – Media, Entertainment, and Marketing
Mar 2018 – Financial Services/Technology
May 2018 – Retail and eCommerce
July 2018 – AgriBusiness, Energy and Clean Tech
Sep 2018 – Internet of Things/Tech Hardware
We will also pull in sector specific judges to evaluate the startups at the pitch event and decide who will be eligible for the $1000 Seed Funding.
NB. The spend of prize funds will require consent from BongoHive to ensure wise choices are made for the growth of said business. There is no maximum or minimum number of founders per team however we prefer small teams over individuals as most successful startups have a few founders. The Discover pre-accelerator programme is open to men and women alike and we are strongly encouraging women to apply.   Women are 49.59% of the world’s population so women should launch 49.59% of the startups.
Have a question about this programme?  Check out our FAQ page here.
Programme Dates

Friday, 29th January – Friday, 16th February 2017
9-12pm everyday + homework

Application Deadline

Monday, 22nd January 2017

Cost per Startup