From business idea to a launchable startup in 3 weeks.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with an awesome idea?  If so, then this is your programme.  Discover is an intense three week full-time bootcamp that gives you the basic skills you need to turn a business idea into a launched startup.
Learn how to refine and prototype your idea while getting a set of business fundamentals essential to a new enterprise.  Discover works on the principle of evidence-based entrepreneurship so you will learn how to:
  • Apply the fundamentals of UX (User Experience) to your idea
  • Evolve your idea through interacting with your users
  • Create a compelling unique value proposition
  • Generate financial forecasts and keep track of budget
  • Create and test a prototype of your product/service
  • Learn how to pitch your idea to investors, customers and partners
Discover is open to anyone with any idea as long as the idea can be turned into a scalable business.  There is no maximum or minimum number of founders per team however we prefer small teams over individuals as most successful startups have a few founders. This position is open to men and women alike and we are strongly encouraging women to apply.   Women are 49.59% of the world’s population so women should launch 49.59% of the startups.
Have a question about this programme?  Check out our FAQ page here.
Programme Dates

Monday, 11th September – Friday, 29th September 2017
9-12pm everyday + homework

Application Deadline

Sunday, 27th August 2017

Cost per Startup