Startupland Screening in Lusaka| Tuesday June 10th

Join us on June 10th at BongoHive to be among the first in the world to view the first episode of Startupland. In partnership with the United Nations FoundationWorld Bank, and UP Global To attend, please register here.

1836620_215093262016894_657674846_oStartupland is a documentary series, the first of its kind, that followed five founders through a startup accelerator to show what it takes to start a company, and to succeed in growing and sustaining a business. Featuring interviews with world famous founders and investors (including the founders of AOL, Blackboard, Reddit, Eventbrite, Living Social, Mapquest, Evernote, Meetup, and more!

Join us in launching this movement to prove that the innovators of tomorrow are everywhere, and that the startup movement is far bigger than Silicon Valley. 

Look forward to seeing you at our next exciting event.

Be sure to register to attend.