Team Tuesday: Alfayo Katebe

Hi, my name is Alfayo, I am a Front End Developer at BongoHive Consult. I have worked with BongoHive Consult for 3 years now.

My entire role summed up is turning ideas into real-life projects i.e. creating Websites or Apps. I create mockups in AdobeXD and design in CSS and WordPress. I also manage client deliverables, expectations, and timelines through regular catch-ups.

Well, about my personality, I am a curious and creative person. I feel this is my strength and weakness. I never stop thinking of ways something could be done better. 

When I was about 6 years,  I used a computer for the first time and I accidentally crashed it. it was my dad’s new computer and at that time, computers were rare and expensive. I cherish this experience because it taught me two things:

  1. To be curious and try out new things.
  2. To never run away from my mistakes but have the attitude of finding out where I went wrong and how to fix it.

The lessons I learnt during my childhood have translated into skills that help me perform my role better. Using my analytical and problem-solving skills, I look at all possible outcomes of a project and I take leadership on projects that I am working on.

This reminds me of my most memorable project at work when I created my very first website. It was exciting because I had to do weeks of learning and I was not sure how it would look in the end. Finishing any project is exciting but this one stands out because it showed me I was capable of creating something from scratch!  

Solving problems as a team and not giving up when the going gets tough is my favourite aspect of work at BongoHive. I love to work and solve problems with code and I enjoy exploring the limits.

As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” I spend my time outside work watching sci-fi movies, I’m a sci-fi buff! I also enjoy running – I have an injury to prove this lol. Lastly, I am an excellent cook.

I believe this is a great time for tech in Zambia and I am happy to be part of the movement!