Team Tuesday: Aubrey Zulu

My name is Aubrey Zulu, a Front End Software Developer at BongoHive Consult. I am a very creative, innovative, ambitious and hardworking person. Sometimes, I can be so analytical.

My role at BongoHive Consult as a Front End Software Developer requires me to be a problem solver, know and understand programming languages like Typescript or Javascript. These are the hard skills that assist me to carry out my tasks. However, to be able to work well, it goes beyond just knowing programming languages. Good communication, leadership skills, self-confidence and perseverance are also important components in ensuring that I perform my role diligently.

I start my day at work with standups, our daily team meetings. My day-to-day tasks mostly involve coding, client meetings and pushing code to GitHub.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching anime and playing video games. I also like to explore open-source software and the open-source community in general.

I enjoy working at BongoHive because of the organisational culture. The fact that I am free to talk to anyone regardless of their position allows me to tap into the other side of me. I also enjoy working with other departments, for example, the entrepreneurship department because I get to learn a lot of new things.