Team Tuesday: Brian Chansa

Hello, My name is Brian Chansa, and I am the Impact Lead at BongoHive.

I am a jovial person and I have a strong passion for African children to develop their full potential.

My favourite memory – growing up, I used to enjoy the festive season. It is such a cherishable childhood memory that has remained vivid to me to date. This period was filled with joy, love and unity; not only at home but the whole neighbourhood where I used to stay. 

Before I got the role of Impact Lead, I had joined BongoHive as an Impact Assistant for 6 months. I remember interviewing for the position of assistant at the time, I made sure to ask a lot of clarifying questions to the panel which was the Executive Director and the Impact Lead, and they made sure to answer all of them. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to join the team because I got to apply for the Impact Lead role when the position became available. In my new role as Impact Lead, my tasks include developing data collection tools and collecting data, monitoring projects and collaborating with staff in and outside the organisation to ensure all data-related issues are clarified and met. Additionally, I also spend my day at work doing data analysis, visualisation and writing reports.

Several skills have proven to be invaluable for the proper execution of my duties. I am detail-oriented and skilled in report writing and data collection. My communication skills help me to coordinate with people within and outside the organisation.

My favourite aspect of work at BongoHive is the monitoring and evaluation of projects. Conducting projects without monitoring them makes it almost impossible to ascertain their impact on the intended beneficiaries.