Team Tuesday – Bwalya Malwita

My name is Bwalya Malwita. I am a Social Media Associate at BongoHive.
How would I describe myself? I would say that I am an ambivert who usually doesn’t talk much but says a lot.

In my pre-teen years, I spent an awful amount of time holed up in my room reading up on everything and anything. Sometimes, I would even read 400-page novels in less than 48 hours. I also loved to indulge in art, especially in paintings. I wanted to take up visual arts as a career, but I guess I chose to pursue other interests as I got older.  

Working as a Social Media Associate, my to-do list involves a number of tasks such as content creation, scheduling and planning, customer service, copywriting… Sounds like a lot right? And it is, there is more to social media management than meets the eye. More often than not, it takes more than professional skills to execute tasks well. For example, collaborating with my teammates to get things done – teamwork makes the dream work, literally.

What do I like about The Hive? I appreciate the work culture at BongoHive. It can be fast-paced and you have to wear multiple hats, but that also makes it exciting! There’s a lot of room for experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking- it’s an ideal environment for a creative mind to thrive.

As someone who is passionate about art, I like to be in spaces where it is being created and to contribute to its creative process. So when I am away from BongoHive, I work on a few experimental projects in fashion and visual artistry. These are usually personal projects, but I also work in collaboration with creators.