Team Tuesday: Francis Lombe

Meet Francis Lombe, User experience and User Interface Designer at BongoHive Consult. He is also one of the longest-serving employees, he has been with us for 9   years.

We asked him a few questions to know more about him.

Who is Francis?

I describe myself as a person who has a deep sense of the community and I love being in an environment where people are teaching and learning from each other.

Where were you born?

I was born in Botswana, and that reminds me of my fun childhood memory. I was one of the first kids in the neighbourhood with a PlayStation, that was so cool 🙂 

What was your first day at BongoHive like?

Pretty straight forward! I was already part of the furniture via the community by the time I started working for BH so it was quite smooth.

What constitutes your day-to-day tasks?

Typically, I spend my days understanding our client’s needs and goals, validating whether their solutions are solving the right problems and generating ideas into tangible prototypes 

What hard or soft skills make you perform your tasks better?

I am skilled in Prototyping Tools  (Adobe XD / Figma ) Adobe Illustrator human-centred design. Additionally, I am attentive to detail and I have good communication skills. To help me become even more efficient at my tasks, I ensure that I keep time and I prepare for my tasks thoroughly.

What are your hobbies/ interest outside of work?

I love custom made things so sometimes I provide DIY Services mostly for workstations. At the moment, it’s still a by the way thing.

What is your favourite aspect of work at BongoHive Consult?

The type of people it attracts, to be in an environment where people are always looking for opportunities to create a better life for themselves and the people around them is the kind of energy I enjoy being around. Also, working remotely allows me total control of my day as long as I meet my deadlines which works well for me.