Team Tuesday: Gift Banda

Hello, my name is Gift Banda. I recently joined BongoHive Consult as an Intern Software Developer.

I did my secondary and high school at Matero Boys Secondary School, that’s where I was first introduced to programming. Though we used an outdated programming language called Q-base, I was impressed with the power of writing software and solving different challenges. 

I have always been a tech enthusiast. After graduating high school, I wanted to pursue my career in tech, but I wasn’t sure which field to pursue. I did my research and fell in love with web development. I reached out to Angela Yu, a software developer and instructor at the London App Brewery. I got enrolled in the Complete Web Development Bootcamp that runs for about seven months. I completed the course and became a part-time web developer freelancer before joining BongoHive Consult.

Before I joined BongoHive Consult, I had an interaction with the organisation earlier this year in March. Silumesii, (BongoHive Consult Director) reached out to me; he wanted me to be part of a project that the BongoHive Consult team was working on. That was my first interaction with BongoHive. The energy and the session I had with the team was amazing. I must admit that the BongoHive Consult team is very welcoming and friendly; always there when you need guidance. 

My first day at BongoHive was interesting. I was very excited to be joining the team. I did most of my onboarding process on the first day with Silumesii. The onboarding process was smooth and I was provided with the necessary details. I even attended a virtual meeting with the rest of the BongoHive Consult team. They were welcoming; I felt at home. I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with the rest of the staff.

What I bring to the internship is a speciality in front-end development. I build responsive and highly interactive websites and mobile web apps. I love problem-solving and software development has made it much easier for me to tackle real-world challenges using technology. Even if I am skilled in web development, there is always something new to learn in this field. I am eager to work with the team and share what I know with them and vice-versa. I am also very confident that this internship will help improve my communication and soft skills.