Team Tuesday: Peter Nawa

My name is Peter Nawa and I am a Startup Coach at BongoHive. 

My first day at BongoHive was exciting because I had been around the BongoHive community for 5 years before I joined the organisation. It was a smooth transition because I knew most people. Interestingly, when I arrived at BongoHive, the first thing I said to myself was; I am going to enjoy myself, I will like this place!

One thing people didn’t know about me is that as a child, I was a collector of coins and stamps from different parts of the world and I still have them somewhere. Of course, I won’t say where in case someone decides to go and look for them. They could be worth a fortune right now.

I describe myself as a good listener, curious and observant person. On a typical day at work, I will either be facilitating a programme or preparing for a new one. So that means a lot of reading, researching, revising material and getting feedback from the previous session and learning.

Empathy and consideration of others are the soft skills that make me better at my job as a Startup Coach. While working with startups, I understand that their business ideas are their babies and they have thought about their ideas for a long time. I try not to be a dream killer but a ‘how can we make it work person.’

My previous job as an auditor also helps me to be analytical and look at things with an objective mindset.

Outside of work, I am a huge tennis fan! I love tennis because it helps me distress and I also love the competitive nature of the sport. 

Fun fact: I waited 10 hours just to get into Wimbledon to watch a match in 2015!

I am also a writer, I write fiction and non-fiction books.  I have authored a book called HIRED: Find the job, Keep the job and Quit the job and I am currently working on a novel.

My favourite aspect of working at BongoHive is that I get a chance to work with a great bunch of people with ideas and dreams. The most exciting part is seeing people take the steps towards their entrepreneurial journey. I like to call them dreamers because, for anything to happen, you have to think about it. Working in the entrepreneurship ecosystem is quite an experience for me because that’s where my passion lies.