Team Tuesday: Sarah Mwendwa

A nerd and keen lover of everything to do with space? Meet Sarah, our Intern Developer with BongoHive Consult. 

Hello, my name is Sarah Mwendwa and I am a graduate in Computer Science specialising in Java/Android. I am a fun-loving adventurer who loves to take on any challenge that I find intriguing.


My day-to-day tasks at BongoHive consist of daily Consult Tech team meetings followed by various tasks throughout the day. Over the last few weeks, I have been going through Backend and DevOps resources and building random API’s in an effort to learn as much as I can. 


Sarah shares where her inspiration to choose a career in tech came from: 

Specifically, it was in highschool during an ICT class. Our teacher had just taught us how to build a web page with <h1> tags and <img> tags among others. He then told us to “go crazy” and build our own websites. I went all out, using a variety of colours and unrelated images that I thought were “cool”. It was truly hideous! But that class was where my love for programming was born. I love having the freedom and ability to create from nothing. In that class is where I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Other reasons include the fact that I think computers are fascinating machines as there is always something new about them.


What hobbies/achievements or activities of interest do I do outside of work? 

I usually refer to myself as a programmer by profession and a gamer by passion. I play many games but primarily and currently, I play DOTA2, CSGOand Tekken7 among others.


What am I proud of? 

I recently got a certificate in Videography and Photography including video editing. This is a hobby that I never expected to have a year ago so this achievement came as a surprise to me. I use these skills when I serve in the media team at church. 

Something that people don’t know about me is I am not as outgoing as I portray. I am actually quite an introvert and social activities with people that I don’t know usually give me so much anxiety.

My favourite aspect about BongoHive is how organised everything is. We have well-defined tasks and daily check-ins as well as team members who are always willing to help. Most of all, my favourite aspect about work at BongHive is the fact that learning is always prioritised. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that we are given an entire day on Friday just to sharpen our skills! This is such a great opportunity to level up and stay relevant as I am in a field where things are always changing. Further, this is also awesome for BongoHive and its clients because it helps to ensure that the products we’re building are of the best standard.


It’s a pleasure to have you on board, Sarah!