Team Tuesday – Zoe Kuyanda

My name is Zoe Kuyanda, and I recently joined BongoHive Consult as Programmes Manager for the Hackers in Residence (HIR) Coding Academy. I am currently a 4th-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at ZCAS University.

Growing up, I was inspired by my brother- He is a computer genius! I would invade his space and keenly observe as he worked on his computer; watching him work intrigued me. I was still very young then, and I did not think about what I wanted to focus on for my career until I had an opportunity to learn Web Development through a programme I participated in at the University of Zambia. After going through this programme, I was motivated to pursue a career in tech, and since then, I have been a fanatic!

I am not entirely a new face to BongoHive Consult.  I used to attend a few meetings organised under Asikana Network. On my first day of work, I had a fantastic orientation process with Silumesii- Co-founder and Director at BongoHive Consult. Silumesii made sure I had all the information and resources necessary to help me get familiar with the BongoHive environment. The warm welcome from the rest of the team after the introduction on various communication channels was so heartwarming. This helped me mentally settle in on my first day. Though virtual, It was a top-notch experience that has helped me work effectively to date.

As Programmes Manager for the HIR Coding Academy, I am the focal point among the students, BongoHive Consult and partners on the Hackers in Residence (HIR) Coding Academy. I will be providing support for students in the HIR programme, which includes on-site support at Nkwashi, administration, reporting and helping with the improvement of the programmes over time. I also have the responsibility to help BongoHive to map out sustainability models for the Coding Academy. 

I am looking to acquire Industry knowledge, professionalism, leadership, time management and strategic thinking skills. I am also happy to be sharing my problem-solving skills in technology-rich environments with a touch of human-centred design.

I am passionate about technology and everything that surrounds it. it excites me to be a part of a career that is always looking forward to creations.