Team Tuesday: Zude Mwango

My name is Zude Mwango and I was born in Lusaka. I am a result-oriented, ambitious and creative person. I usually check on my goals regularly to make sure I am on track in achieving them. This keeps me motivated and helps me to meet my targets. I am constantly seeking opportunities that challenge my thinking and I find joy in solving those problems creatively.

I am a Frontend Software Developer with UI/UX skills and my typical day at work comprises creating mockups and prototypes in Adobe XD as well as debugging, and implementing features in client projects. To be highly productive at my work, I invest quality time in intensive research through documentation. This allows me to get a deeper understanding of the tools that I am using. The ability to manage my tasks by making sure that each particular one is done before the deadline, also helps me to fulfil my tasks diligently. And the cherry on top, I am a good communicator!

Outside of work, I enjoy playing football, and that reminds me of one of my most cherished childhood memories, scoring a game-winner during a football tournament and seeing everyone celebrating is unforgettable! I also play video games (call of duty mobile etc), and I love photography!

I am also an upcoming technical writer, I have published some articles on medium and Hashnode. Here are the links:

Fetching Covid-19 Data using React.js, Material UI, and Material-Table Part 1

Fetching Covid-19 Data using React.js, Material UI, and Material-Table Part 2

How To Post And Fetch Data Using React-query

My favourite aspect of work at BongoHive Consult is the open culture, teamwork and communication. The environment allows me to be highly productive in my work.