Using A Tablet-Based Solution to Improve Data Collection, Aggregation and Visualisation

A tablet-based solution that cuts costs and reduces the data collection process from months to days.

Raw data collected from the field usually contains errors and needs to be cleaned in order to avoid falsification. This makes data collection complex, time-consuming and costly.

The above is common with paper-based methods of data collection as opposed to tablet-based solutions which reduce errors by recording responses directly on the tablet device.

Tablet-based data collection methods also reduce costs by avoiding double-entry of data and saves on time as the touchscreen on a tablet allows for data entry with a single touch.

The BongoHive Consult team made the data collection process easy and efficient for the client by developing a tablet-based solution.


Unsatisfied with their paper-based data collection mechanism which was slow and prone to error, the client asked BongoHive Consult to improve the efficiency of the data collection process and to provide visualisation of the data that was collected.

The client performs surveys in remote areas of Zambia to hold the government accountable to its statements published in the annual “yellow book”. It then uses surveys to make sure how much of the allocated budget lines reach intended beneficiaries in hard to reach areas of Zambia. With such a huge and time-consuming task, the client was seeking a lasting solution to improve efficiency and reduce the time spent on data collection, aggregation and visualization of key metrics.


The BongoHive Consult team developed a tablet-based solution translating their forms to digital versions using Akvo Flow.


With the digitization of the data, the client not only reduced on time to collect data but also made it cost-effective cutting down on data cleaning and entry but most importantly it allowed the client to have real-time data for their advocacy and be able to respond to need immediately.

The tablet-solution also made the client’s work easy in terms of coming up with products such as briefs and infographics.

Further, the client was able to provide the public with semi-raw data through their data portal on the website.

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