BongoHive and IHM Southern Africa Spearhead Zambia’s First Digital Health Hackathon

In a groundbreaking collaboration, BongoHive Technology and Innovation Hub joined forces with IHM Southern Africa to orchestrate the “Digital Health Hackathon” in Zambia, a pioneering initiative aimed at addressing critical issues within the healthcare system.

The programme backed by the Strengthening Clinical Health Information Systems Sustainability initiative (SCHISS) invited developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Zambia to participate in the hackathon to explore the potential of technology in creating innovative Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and to encourage grassroots solutions for better healthcare delivery and improved patient well-being.

The hackathon, conducted over several stages, focused on four pivotal themes:

  1. Enhancing Patient Outcomes: Exploring digital innovations within Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to elevate patient care.
  2. Improving Interoperability: Establishing a secure collaboration ecosystem to enhance communication and data sharing.
  3. Incorporating AI and Telemedicine: Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and telemedicine for advanced healthcare solutions.
  4. Enhancing EHR Training: Developing innovative approaches to enhance training within the Electronic Health Records domain.

This collaborative effort is seen as a transformative step in the technology ecosystem, opening avenues for developers and contributing to positive changes in Zambia’s healthcare landscape through innovative digital solutions.

BongoHive Consult  through the Entrepreneurship unit played a pivotal role in facilitating the Digital Health Hackathon, contributing its expertise through the following stages outlined below:

  • Recruitment:

Launching with an open call for applications, BongoHive Consult utilized strategic marketing efforts and an online application portal to attract and identify strong applicants such as tech startups and entrepreneurs. The application process was made open to all as a means to set the stage for an inclusive and diverse pool of participants.

  • Ideation:

The program delved into a fast-paced Ideation stage, encouraging successful applicants to craft innovative solutions to the programme challenge statements by brainstorming compelling ideas, and forming collaborative teams. This interactive session laid the groundwork for innovative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Hackathon:

The selected teams were then given two days to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes, aligning their solutions with the challenge statements provided by IHM and BongoHive. This intensive phase allowed participants to apply their skills and creativity to real-world healthcare challenges.

  • Demo Day:

Culminating in a high-energy Demo Day, the hackathon featured industry experts as judges, evaluating the high-potential solutions developed by the participating teams. Seven innovative projects presented their tech-based solutions on how to improve healthcare services in Zambia as they vied for cash prizes totaling ZMW 180,000. 

The projects that participated in the pitching sessions included MedSearch Zambia, Datos, Unicare, MediLink Innovation, Zone Innovation Limited, 4 Pencil Animation Studio, and Data Dreamers.

The top three solutions were recognised and awarded prizes, fostering a spirit of competition and excellence.

  1. MedSearch Zambia – ZMW 80,000
  2. Zone Innovation Limited – ZMW 45,000
  3. 4 Pencil Animation Studios- ZMW 25,000

Speaking during the event, Lukonga Lindunda, Co-Founder and Executive Director of BongoHive expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of these digital health innovations on Zambia’s healthcare system. 

The dynamic approach of IHM Southern Africa, partnering with BongoHive for the hackathon, reflects a commitment to fostering innovative contributions to Zambia’s healthcare system.

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