BongoHive Consult Coding Academy-Information Session

Dufuna, in partnership with BongoHive Consult, will be conducting The BongoHive Consult Coding Academy, an online academy for Zambians who are looking to gain skills in Software Engineering, Product Management and Product Design. Through the academy, programme participants will be able to build a real product during the 3 months that they will be learning. 

We hosted an information session on Monday 12 April 2021. The speakers from both Dufuna and BongoHive Consult gave in-depth details about the programme and answered questions regarding the programme. 

We also took some time to listen to testimonials from one of the participants currently enrolled in the programme and another one from a graduate of the programme.

We have shared a summary of what was unpacked in the information session to help you understand the programme better and make an informed decision.

Dufuna’s mission

Dufuna’s mission is to provide 10000 Aftican’s with affordably priced digital vocational training programmes, enabling them to acquire skills that will transform them into highly sought after professionals in their field.

Olatokunbo Fagbamigbe, Founder and CEO at Dufuna mentioned that Dufuna aims to bridge the skills gap and meet the demand for developers across the continent.

The diagram below illustrates how Dufuna fulfils its mission.

BongoHive Consult’s Mission

At BongHive Consult, we exist to solve challenges. 

Our hive of great minds bring entrepreneurial thinking into organisations to create solutions, inspire and delight – making anything possible.

We are committed to building a pipeline of top software engineering talent by offering internship opportunities to young talent. Most of which become full-time employees.

Read about our former interns Zude Mwango and Mulubwa Chungu, who are now full-time employees. You can also read about the 2019 internship programme.

Programme Tracks

Below are the programme tracks available in the BongoHive Consult Academy.

How Learning Works

Job Placement Support

Dufuna recently introduced a Marketplace, where SMEs and startups can get access to good quality code from Dufuna graduates at a reduced price while the graduates get a chance to apply what they have learnt and earn money. So far, three graduates have been placed in jobs from the Marketplace.

Why join the Code Camp?

Programme Impact

To date, 125 candidates across Africa have graduated. 50% indicated that after graduating from the programme, they either got a new job or got promoted.

Success Stories

Benjamin Kamena- Current Student- Zambia

I joined the Code Camp last year July and I am based in Mongu. Throughout the programme, I have been exposed to a lot of tech tools.

I was initially a self-taught programmer but through this programme, I have learnt new skills.

When I was learning on my own, I used to find it difficult to understand certain things but through the syllabus provided in the programme, I can easily understand many principles.

The other interesting thing about the Code Camp is the monthly hackathons that we have with other participants. 

So far I am enjoying what I am learning and I am looking forward to an internship here in Zambia.

Chinonye OnuohaGraduate- Nigeria

I was part of the Dufuna Design School which lasted for 2 months. 

At the start of the programme, I had a lot of things going on and I felt like I could not manage to enrol in the programme but after I did the task we were assigned and I got selected, I told myself that I had to put in the required effort.

I remember when we first started the programme, I got a notification that I was inactive on the learning platform and I knew that despite doing the programme online, I wasn’t doing it alone. I felt encouraged to know that my progress was being monitored

I was initially familiar with the user interface design but not UX design but the programme brought me to light about UX design as well.

They were times I was stretching myself but I could still complete the tasks as long as I started early and prioritised my tasks.

I loved the fact that the material provided was easily digestible and for every slide, I was provided with additional reading information.

Less than a month into the programme I was requested to carry out a project for a client and I had to put into practice everything that I was learning.

As of today, I have secured two job interviews with two companies in Nigeria.

I now feel more empowered and very confident in the skills I have acquired.

Applications for the BongoHive Consult Coding Academy close this Friday, April 16. Are you ready to start a career in tech or improve your skills? Apply here.