Business Technologies to Navigate the Impact of COVID-19

In response to coronavirus, businesses have had to make decisions that have shifted how their daily business is conducted. These decisions include laying off employees, reducing business activity and even shutting down. Governments across the globe have had to institute lockdowns and restrictions on how business is conducted.

A survey we conducted in March 2020 revealed that 93% of the 98 businesses that participated involved contact with people. This entails that with the restriction in human contact, many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic.

On a brighter side, businesses can minimise the fallout from COVID-19 by using a smart digital way of operation. We will discuss some of the technologies that can help you implement the right technology solutions for your business.

Cloud computing

With the ability to store, process and manage data using a network of remote servers, cloud computing has emerged as an essential technology in providing a seamless delivery of products and services remotely. Collaboration in a cloud environment gives your business the ability to work on the same projects across different locations. If you have security concerns especially when it comes to sharing sensitive information, you can be assured that sharing and storing data in the cloud is generally safe; in fact, data stored in a computer is more at risk than data stored in the cloud. Businesses that are keen to retain productivity can take advantage of the cloud to maximise efficiency in collaboration.


Consumers have now resorted to online shopping making e-commerce websites generate a lot of traffic. The emergence of e-commerce technology trends has shaped the way business is done online; resulting in tremendous benefits to both business owners and consumers. Here a few examples:

  • Mobile technology makes it possible for consumers to make contactless payments using credit/debit cards, net banking or mobile wallets thereby increasing sales.
  • App shopping allows consumers to engage more with your brand and it also provides a smooth user experience. 
  • You can also take advantage of the personalized and interactive selling that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have to offer. With AR and VR, customers can experience products without physically visiting a store.
  • Social media comes in handy by allowing consumers to browse and shop for products without leaving their social media account. All they need to do is simply click on a product link which redirects them to a payment gateway.

These and many others are some of the technologies you can harness to drive e-commerce.


The use of digital resources to deliver learning and training material has been in existence for some time but has even advanced now. The learning material is created and managed using an eLearning software and made available to users through electronic devices, thereby making it convenient for them to access the material any time they need it. Course management systems like Moodle and Open edx helps educators create effective online courses. This is even more beneficial now that both learners and learning institutions are relying on eLearning to ensure uninterrupted learning.

eLearning systems are a sure way to boost your remote learning activities.

Virtual Collaboration

With a huge spike in the delivery of products and services remotely following the pandemic, virtual collaboration is at the forefront in ensuring business continuity. In this regard, many virtual collaboration solutions have been introduced while those that already existed have been improved. For example, Zoom has become the widely utilized video conferencing software during the pandemic. Other solutions include task and calendar management software like Asana, file sharing and instant messaging, among others. 

As part of your business continuity plans in this crisis, make it a priority to leverage some of the outlined technologies.

If you would like your business to gain a stronger foothold during this pandemic using technology, get in touch with us!