Press Release: DIGILOGIC launches Community e-Learning platform

DIGILOGIC Community: an online open space to build networks between European and African smart logistics innovators.

Dedicated to Digital Innovation Hubs, entrepreneurs, startups, logistics experts, and public organizations, the platform is free and provides content and tools to create opportunities for collaboration between European and African innovators.

DIGILOGIC Community, a multifunctional online platform, offers:

  • an open space for to support communities of innovators, technology, business and logistics experts, service providers, researchers, start ups and investors, African diaspora communities in Europe;
  • a distance on-demand learning programme on smart logistics, digital technologies, entrepreneurship and innovation management – which aims at engaging youth and women innovators from the African countries involved;
  • a space for personalized technology mentoring and coaching initiatives offered by DIGILOGIC Digital Innovation Hubs (from Europe: Digital Hub Logistics Dortmund, VTT and Friuli Innovazione; from Africa: BongoHive and MEST);
  • a space where innovators can find all the information and participate in the “DIGILOGIC Challenges”, which will be launched in early 2022. DIGILOGIC will select 12 teams capable of offering future-proof solutions to the numerous problems of logistics in Africa.

DIGILOGIC recognise that logistics as a driver for cross-sector competitiveness and growth throughout the African continent, as well as a fertile ground for broad collaboration. DIGILOGIC will focus its efforts on the so-called “critical mile”, the final leg of delivery that moves goods from a warehouse and a hub directly to an end-user customers’ door-step.

DIGILOGIC will challenge innovators to address the critical nodes that are hampering critical mile operations in Africa, such as: the heterogeneity of standards and regulations between countries, the absence of an efficient address system, the lack of reliable cold chains, and other widespread challenges.

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